Advisory Group

Within the AHRC, the Leadership Fellow works under the guidance of the Modern Languages Advisory Group which is chaired by Professor Michael Worton

AHRC Modern Languages Advisory Group Members:

Member Name


Professor Michael Worton

Chair, University College London

Professor Marilyn Booth

University of Oxford

Professor Janice Carruthers

AHRC Leadership Fellow for Modern Languages

Professor Thomas Clancy

University of Glasgow

Professor Catherine Davies

Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London

Professor Sally Faulkner

University of Exeter

Professor Charles Forsdick

University of Liverpool

Professor Neil Kenny

University of Oxford

Professor Chege Githiora

SOAS, University of London

Professor Julian Preece

University of Swansea

Professor Caroline Rose

University of Leeds

Professor Carol Tully

University of Bangor

Dr Gerda Wielander

University of Westminster

Ms Janet Zmroczek

British Library